Dr. Dirk Blunk

University of Cologne

Institute of Organic Chemistry


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Fire Fighting Foams

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Welcome to the web portal of the research group of Dr. Dirk Blunk.

Hot Topic
Fluorine Free Aqueous Film Forming Foams for Fire Fighting Applications.

Next Generation AFFF.

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Löschen ohne Gift (TV documentation in German language)

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Business Plan Awards

1st Prize NUK Business Plan (2014)

2nd Prize KUER Business Plan Competition (2014)

We are designing new supramolecular organized materials in the field of
surfactants, lyotropic or thermotropic liquid crystals and molecular switches.  

+++ "PerFluSan" Network in the Frame of Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) Started +++ Kickoff Meeting 7th Nov 2017 at the University of Cologne +++ "PerFluSan" is developing PFT-free extinguishing agents and processes to rid the soil and waste water of PFT contaminated sites +++