CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry

and Photobiology, 3rd edition

Axel Griesbeck, Michael Oelgemoeller

and Francesco Ghetti 

CRC Press, 2012

ISBN 9781439899335



  • Provides the most authoritative and complete resource on organic photochemistry and photobiology
  • Includes the IUPAC glossary of terms for photochemistry as a CD-ROM
  • Presents a user-friendly treatment of recent developments, new applications, and emerging areas of interest
  • Offers new and updated topics, including industrial and microphotochemistry, photocatalysis, artificial photosynthetic systems, photodynamic drug delivery, photodynamic water disinfection, photoprotection, photodermatology, photoimmunology, and phototoxicity of drugs
  • Includes a new editorship of three highly respected scientists in the field who share a vast array of knowledge and expertise



Wiley Series on Photosciences:

Photobiology, Photochemistry, and Photophysics

Axel Griesbeck (Editor)

John Wiley & Sons

from 2012 -

Synthetic Organic Photochemistry
Axel G. Griesbeck & Jochen Mattay
in Supramol. Mol. Photochemistry
Dekker,  New York,
2004, ISBN: 082475736X.

With contributions from 24 international subject authorities,
Synthetic Organic Photochemistry
comprises a leading-edge
presentation of the most recent and in-demand applications of
photochemical methodologies.  Outlining a wide assortment of
reaction types entailing cycloadditions, cyclizations, isomerizations,
rearrangements, and other organic syntheses, this reference also
ties in critical considerations that overlap in modern photochemistry
and organic chemistry, such as stereoselectivity.

Selected experimental procedures demonstrate the industrial and
academic value of reactions presented in the text.
Containing a remarkable 2113 references, this volume reviews [2+2],
[4+2], and ene photooxygenation reactions…illustrates photo
cycloadditions of alkenes to excited alkenes or carbonyls…clarifies
abstractions of γ- and (γ±n) hydrogens by excited carbonyls…
describes di-π-methane and oxa-di-π-methane rearrangements…
explores photoinduced electron transfer cyclizations using radical ions…
studies photogenerated nitrene additions to π-bonds…surveys reactions
with photoinduced aromatic nucleophilic substitutions…and covers
several other photochemical methods for specific syntheses.


Photochemical Key Steps in Organic Synthesis
Axel G. Griesbeck & Jochen Mattay
Verlag Chemie, Weinheim, 1994


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